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IntelliJ – Live Template – main() method generation

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on April 27, 2011

IntelliJ – Live Template – main() method generation

Type “psvm” Ctrl+J will generate the main method.

Why “psvm”?
“public static void main”



5 Responses to “IntelliJ – Live Template – main() method generation”

  1. Haha, Eclipse’s

    Type “main” + Ctrl+Space feels better. Its 4 characters either way 🙂

  2. arun said

    You can create a new code template with ‘main’ and configure to output main method’s code.
    Check File>Settings>Live Templates>other.
    Click on add and create a new one with main and copy paste the same code in psvm.

  3. vin check said

    This is a interesting post. Thanks…

  4. automotive said

    This is a well thought out post. TY…

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