Javascript: Embrace Arrow Functions

Great article on JavaScript currying and arrow functions. Here is an example of a function in Javascript: const secret = function (msg) { return function () { return msg; }; }; The same function as currying or arrow function: const secret = msg => () => msg; To learn more about the basics, visit the link below. Source: Familiarity Bias is Holding You Back: It’s Time to Embrace Arrow Functions

Angular Modules vs ES6 Modules - DZone Web Dev

In this post, you’ll find a quick tutorial explaining the difference between Angular Module and ESG Modules, and how to best use each of these platforms. Here is a quick summary: ES6 Module Example: import { sqrt } from 'math-utils'; const addition = (val1, val2) => val1 + val2; const subtraction = (val1, val2) => val1 - val2; const multiplication = (val1, val2) => val1 * val2; const calculateSquareRoot = (val) => sqrt(val); export { addition, multiplication } Angular Module Example: