Javascript: Embrace Arrow Functions

Great article on JavaScript currying and arrow functions. Here is an example of a function in Javascript: const secret = function (msg) { return function () { return msg; }; }; The same function as currying or arrow function: const secret = msg => () => msg; To learn more about the basics, visit the link below. Source: Familiarity Bias is Holding You Back: It’s Time to Embrace Arrow Functions

Elements of JavaScript Style – JavaScript Scene – Medium

Great article focusing on Javascript style. Provides some good examples of JavaScript coding styles, practices, and things to avoid. The examples includes: 1. Make the function the unit of composition. One job for each function. 2. Omit needless code. 3. Use active voice. 4. Avoid a succession of loose statements. 5. Keep related code together. 6. Put statements and expressions in positive form.