A URL Shortener Service using Go, Iris and Bolt – Medium

Go (cross-platform language/compiler) + Iris (web framework in Go) + Bolt (embedded key-value DB) = one powerful combination Read more at https://medium.com/@kataras/a-url-shortener-service-using-go-iris-and-bolt-4182f0b00ae7#.8ltduw3kf

Go lang - Revel Web Framework - .gitignore file starter sample

For those of you trying to create a new Go Language - Revel Web Framework based project, here is a sample .gitignore file. But before I provide you with the information, we need to discuss the project structure. If you visit the Revel site here, you will see their organization structure of a Revel project. In my case, their my_gocode/ folder is much deeper in what I store in my BitBucket account (or GitHub for that matter).