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Have you tried to present some code or sample content for the end-user that you wanted to allow them to easily copy to their clip-board?

If you use the JQuery Javascript library then you can use the plugin called zClip available here - zClip

Using zclip you can attach an event to a button or a text-area such that when the event occurs, the content is copied to the clipboard.

Well, if you are not using JQuery as the swiss-army knife for your Javascript toolkit, then here is an alternative that can come in handy:

It’s called “ZeroClipboard” and it’s available from

Both tools do the following, they replace or overlay a flash plugin on top which then passes the needed content to the native clipboard. Both solutions do not have a graceful way to do copy to clipboard especially if you do not have flash enabled or installed for your platform - browser.

As the browser matures, maybe this functionality might be allowed natively from a Javascript code but until then, the ZeroClipboard and zClip are the best ways to implement a “copy-to-clipboard”.

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