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Archive for the ‘Technology’ Category

contains information related to technology & science.

How AI algorithms could help design new drugs – Futurity

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on April 6, 2017

A new kind of AI algorithm—designed to work with a small amount of data—may be able to assist in the early stages of drug development. Artificial intelligence doesn’t work all that well in situations where there is very little data, such as drug development.

A new technique called one-shot learning, that requires only a small number of data points might be a solution to that low-data problem.

To make molecular information more digestible, the researchers first represented each molecule in terms of the connections between atoms (what a mathematician would call a graph). This step highlighted intrinsic properties of the chemical in a form that an algorithm could process.

With these graphical representations, the group trained an algorithm on two different datasets—one with information about the toxicity of different chemicals and another that detailed side effects of approved medicines. From the first dataset, they trained the algorithm on six chemicals and had it make predictions about the toxicity of the other three. Using the second dataset, they trained it to associate drugs with side effects in 21 tasks, testing it on six more.

In both cases, the algorithm was better able to predict toxicity or side effects than would have been possible by chance.


Learn more  One-Shot Learning


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Disk Space Monitoring – Predict When Full

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on March 16, 2017

Many disk and file administration management tools will let you set up alerts to inform you when a server or workstation drive is nearing its maximum capacity. Here are some options on how we can build visualization tools around this.

Source: Disk Space Monitoring – Predict When Full | Network Wrangler – Tech Blog

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Transmutation of the Storage Administrator : Scott’s Blog

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on March 15, 2017

StorageIconThis article discusses the evolution of the storage administrator in the era of cloud storage.



The job (storage administrator) role is changing, not only is there a need to understand storage devices and host connection technologies that knowledge scope is extending to include networking, operating systems and new storage access protocols (like Object)…IBM Spectrum Scale is the logical next step to help storage administrators expand their offering portfolio and provide additional value to their customers. Now instead of simply providing a volume with a capacity, reliability and performance characteristic they can provide a dynamic storage platform that can support, tiered storage, high performance backups, integrated archive and still provide the high performance demanded by their current block storage customers.

This article is a good read. It starts first by describing “what is a block storage?”. It then moves into the transformation happening with commoditization of storage into a cloud environment where you are moving from a typical SAN environment to a TCP/IP based storage clusters. And the article ends with how every tier in the data-management will become commoditized/virtualized in the cloud.

It would be interesting to hear the author’s (Scott Fadden) view today since that article was written back in July 2015 and we are in the midst of that transformation with KVM’s virtIO, Open Stack’s Cinder plugins.

Source: IBM Spectrum Scale Wiki : Scott’s Blog

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The Future of Web Development: Coding as a Service

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on March 12, 2017

The article talks about the comoditization of web development as a service (Coding as a Service – CaaS).

For the price of two Venti Iced Caramel Macchiatos per month you can run a respectable website with little to no technical experience… Artificial Intelligence will enable more complex combinations of code to be fit together through an automated process… The quantity and quality of customization with AI will be staggering. And for the end user this means it will be at once simpler and cheaper… CaaS via AI will not be limited to people making ‘interesting’ websites. Ultimately CaaS will drive down the time and money necessary for new capabilities in spaces from enterprise to social. But in the near term CaaS will affect programmers who complete relatively simple or scripted tasks, like querying databases for example. No longer will we need armies of coders who expertly understand how to fit if else statements within loops, whether to use Ruby or Angular. AI will be able to do this much faster, with fewer errors, and a greater understanding of system requirements.

Read more about it at the link below:

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India’s Isro launches 104 satellites in a single mission to create world record

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on February 18, 2017

India’s Isro’s [] PSLV-C37 in a single payload, included the Cartosat-2 series and 103 co-passenger satellites, together weighing over 650kg

Great achievement especially considering only three of the 103 satellites belonged to India making this mission one of the most business sense launch of this century! Kudos to India!

Read more about it at the link below.

Source: Isro launches 104 satellites in a single mission to create world record – Livemint

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Materials science: How to keep cool without costing the Earth

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on February 16, 2017

The new film works by a process called radiative cooling. This takes advantage of that fact that Earth’s atmosphere allows certain wavelengths of heat-carrying infrared radiation to escape into space unimpeded. Convert unwanted heat into infrared of the correct wavelength, then, and you can dump it into the cosmos with no come back.

…their film, placed atop an average American house, would be enough to keep the internal temperature at 20°C on a day when it was 37°C outside. [17° difference]

Source: Materials science: How to keep cool without costing the Earth | The Economist

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What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on January 1, 2017

blockchain_smlBlockchain technology is not a technology solely for Bitcoin but rather a creative way to keep a digital ledger of economic transactions. This technology can be applied in a variety of fields such that the chain cannot be owned by a single entity and has no single point of failure. It provides a backbone with transparency and incorruptibility. Imagine a world where every transaction, whether it is a real-estate property transaction or a work-contract or an acknowledgement receipt of a email or an acceptance of work or payment or a medication delivery system releasing a medication into a patients blood-stream can be recorded such that it is indisputable and irrevocable. Furthermore, tampering a single unit or transaction in this chain of information will require a huge amount of computing power.

To learn more about Blockchain see the following article on BlockGeeks:

What is a blockchain technology?


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Facebook’s 100-gigabit switch design is out in the open and promises faster speed

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on October 20, 2016

Facebook’s 100-gigabit switch design is out in the open and promises faster speed

Wedge 100 specification has been accepted into OCP… upping the speeds to 100Gbps (bits per second).

Link to FBOSS code is all open sourced and available on GitHub here.

You can learn more about it here.

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New ‘Superman’ crystals can store data for billions of years

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on June 13, 2016

New ‘Superman’ crystals can store data for billions of years

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Intel’s miracle chip could make your gadgets 1,000 times faster

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on June 13, 2016

Intel and Micron say they have a new computer chip that will make your gadgets significantly faster, more durable and able to store way more data.


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