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Archive for the ‘Great Ideas’ Category

What if we’re living in a computer simulation? | Technology | The Guardian

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on April 24, 2017

Virtual reality technology is making great advances, but it has also helped popularise a theory long debated by philosophers and now gaining supporters in Silicon Valley – that the outside world is itself a simulation

Source: What if we’re living in a computer simulation? | Technology | The Guardian

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Article: Physicists observe ‘negative mass’

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on April 20, 2017

Physicists observe ‘negative mass’

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A Teenager Just “Delighted” NASA By Pointing Out a Significant Error in Their Data

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on March 23, 2017

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The Future of Web Development: Coding as a Service

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on March 12, 2017

The article talks about the comoditization of web development as a service (Coding as a Service – CaaS).

For the price of two Venti Iced Caramel Macchiatos per month you can run a respectable website with little to no technical experience… Artificial Intelligence will enable more complex combinations of code to be fit together through an automated process… The quantity and quality of customization with AI will be staggering. And for the end user this means it will be at once simpler and cheaper… CaaS via AI will not be limited to people making ‘interesting’ websites. Ultimately CaaS will drive down the time and money necessary for new capabilities in spaces from enterprise to social. But in the near term CaaS will affect programmers who complete relatively simple or scripted tasks, like querying databases for example. No longer will we need armies of coders who expertly understand how to fit if else statements within loops, whether to use Ruby or Angular. AI will be able to do this much faster, with fewer errors, and a greater understanding of system requirements.

Read more about it at the link below:

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What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on January 1, 2017

blockchain_smlBlockchain technology is not a technology solely for Bitcoin but rather a creative way to keep a digital ledger of economic transactions. This technology can be applied in a variety of fields such that the chain cannot be owned by a single entity and has no single point of failure. It provides a backbone with transparency and incorruptibility. Imagine a world where every transaction, whether it is a real-estate property transaction or a work-contract or an acknowledgement receipt of a email or an acceptance of work or payment or a medication delivery system releasing a medication into a patients blood-stream can be recorded such that it is indisputable and irrevocable. Furthermore, tampering a single unit or transaction in this chain of information will require a huge amount of computing power.

To learn more about Blockchain see the following article on BlockGeeks:

What is a blockchain technology?


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Horrific floods in Ellicott City – Maryland and walk-up walk-down basement drain problem

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on August 7, 2016

This past week, Ellicott City, Maryland had one of the worst floods in a long time. You can see some of the devastation that it has caused in this link. Fortunately, only my basement had a little bit of flooding. But interestingly, this has been the second flooding in over a month. This made me question the drain at the bottom of the walk-down/walk-up basement.

Here is a picture of the drain at the bottom of the stairwell.

20160731_191444As you can see the drain hole not the best and it gets blocked with just a few leaves and dirt. I have been clearing the dirt and leaves regularly but when there is a storm, the water floods down from the adjacent wall bringing with it debris which end up clogging the drain hole.

As a first fix, I tried this from HomeDepot. It’s called a drain trap. (shown below)

trap1Again this was good but it did not solve the problem. So I decided to try something different. I needed a frame that was at least 1-in tall giving the dirt a place to settle around it and not flow into the cavity. I also need it to be sturdy where the weight of the frame keeps the mesh/trap down to the ground even in moderate to severe thunderstorms. I searched online for a solution and after spending quite a bit of time searching through blogs, I decided to build one myself.

So here is the finished product:


Here are the materials I used to build this:

  • Chicken-coup mesh grill
  • four L-brackets
  • two tree stump posts cut to the size of the chicken-coup (to create a 1in thick frame)
  • Long plastic corner bead to keep the grill corners from cutting into me with rust over time
  • outdoor screen plastic to to add a second layer of filtering
  • Staple gun
  • Silicone used for household seals


Here is the frame upside down. It’s basically the wood is framed in against the chicken coop metal grill.

20160731_190524Corners are bracketed in to keep the frame together.

Added the finer outdoor plastic screen-door screen on top and kept them together with the staple gun. And the last step is to create a seal between the pavement floor and the frame.


And voila a gutter guard (that can hopefully withstand some rain). Keeping my fingers crossed.


I will keep this blog post updated as I improvise on my custom made gutter guard. Hopefully others can follow this blueprint and build their own gutter-guards.


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Email sent to Harry’s Shave Club today!

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on September 23, 2015

Yes, I sent an email to Harry’s Shave Club today! Being close to technology is a blessing and a curse sometimes. You start seeing ways to improve the user experience in everything you touch and you feel compelled to make the world a better place. So “yes” – you’ve heard it. I am a member of Harry’s Shave Club.

I got tired of buying those expensive store brand razors that starts with a “G”. So I’ve tried both the DollarShaveClub and Harry’s. I’ve settled on Harry’s Shave Club. But that’s not the focus of this article. So today, as I was shaving this morning, it occurred to me that Harry’s can improve their customer experience by adding new functionality to their site and so as soon as I got out of the shower, I dashed to my computer before the idea skipped my mind and sat down to write this email to Harry’s. I’m hoping that they see the value in adding this functionality to their website. I’m furthering my request for this feature by blogging about it. So let’s hope that it reaches someone’s ear at Harry’s and they see the value in my suggestion and they implement my request for helping Harry’s customers with a better user-experience.

So here we go with the email:

Subject: Suggestion on functionality that can enrich the Harry’s experience


I am one of your current customers on a shave plan and also happened to be an Web
Enterprise Architect. I wanted to provide feedback on one of the things I’ve noticed.

Comparing Harry’s with other shave-clubs. You send more blades in one mail-order than
others. And it would be ideal if you had an option online where I can login into your
site and add an alert/reminder with a set frequency so that I get an email remainder
to switch my razor-blade.

For example, if I setup a reminder email from Harry’s to remind me to swap out my
blades once every 10-days. On the 10th day, I get an email saying –

“This is a friendly reminder from Harry’s that it’s time to swap out your razor-blade
on your next shave.

If you wish to change the frequency or disable this reminder, you can do that under
your profile in Harry’s. We at Harry’s believe in making sure you have the best shave
each and every day.”

This way, when I see that email and the next day I am in the shower, I will swap out
to a new blade. So today I keep using a blade until I actually see it becoming dull.
And with your shipping frequency, after a few months I end up with boxes and boxes of
refills which I do not know what to do with and most likely, I will then be forced to
stop shipment on new refills until I run out of them. But by using my above process,
you are helping each user swap out their blades on a regular “habit-forming” cycle and
you are making sure that your customers are not stopping/pausing the shipping cycle
and most important of all, each of those emails can now have an added value for an
opportunity for marketing.


Venkatt Guhesan

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Welcome to the Age Of Light: Two BIG innovations in Graphene and nano technology can forge a new future for mankind

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on August 27, 2015


As I was reading today’s news (Science) breakthroughs, I came across two independent discovery/invention but combined makes a HUGE breakthrough and paves the way for a BIGHTER FUTURE!!!

If this peeks your interest read further.

[#1] Invention:
Manufacturing Graphene using Tea-Extract

What problem does this solve?
Today, manufacturing Graphene takes a lot of time and can only produce/grow small amounts of the material. It takes a lot of energy, raw-material and time – to produce the small quantities of the product. In comes, a new process or method at growing it cheaper, quicker and with less energy. This will make Graphene cost effective to use in the industry. To learn more about the details behind the process, see the links below:

Article, (from International Business Times)
Graphene Manufactured Using Tea Tree Extract Paving Way For Cheaper Method

The science behind the process:
Catalyst-Free Plasma Enhanced Growth of Graphene from Sustainable Sources

[#2] Discovery:
The Nano Lightbulb

What problem does this solve?
Today, we have hit an upper-limit on how much we can compact inside the silica-chip. As you may have seen, our computers now has “quad-core” processors which are directly due to the ability to pack more chips/processors per square-inch. But we are reaching an upper limit on this because of three major factors:

1) Scale: We are already working at the atomic scale. Trying to compress more atoms smaller than the atoms in gold and copper etc will not be possible unless we find new materials that have a smaller atomic structure and has electrical conductive properties.
2) Heat: Moving electrons in a copper wire produces heat as a side-effect. The smaller and more compact they are then you produce more heat and the very same heat also makes the gold, copper and metal atoms excited that they begin to show signs of expansion. And you know what happens when two copper wires with electricity comes together. You end with a short-circuit.

3) Growing demand for alloys and metals: The world is reaching a near death of small-circuits because the mines that produce these alloys are getting depleted. So we will reach a end of rare-metals in the future (just like Oil). It’s a limited resource on this planet!

The Solution:
Young Duck Kim while trying to clean up some graphene in the lab tried to clean it up in a novel manner. He wrapped up some graphene with a small wire and induced a current through the wire to aid in cleaning the dust on the graphene. What he observed is that the graphene – glowed (almost like a incandescent light bulb). What he noticed is that just like a lightbulb, you can turn the graphene on and off and you can turn it on and off as fast as 10 Gigahertz (possibly 100 GHz) – imagine turning a switch on and off a thousand-one-million times a sec (that’s a lot). And it produces negligible heat dissipation and the graphene does not burn out. So imagine being able to produce a binary-switch (On | Off – 0|1) using this method of switching on a light-bulb at a microscopic level.

And the story gets better, using fiber-optics (instead of copper and gold wires) you can build circuits at the microscopic level to move this on-off signal will revolutionize the industry to produce even smaller, denser circuits that moves data at the speed of light with almost zero (negligible) heat-dissipation! And to produce the fiber-optic cables and matrial – you need silica (which comes from sand on a beach – which we have plenty of on the planet)


Now humans can break the metal/electrical barrier to forge us into the “AGE OF LIGHT“.

You can learn more about the discovery here:
Article on Popular Science: The Nano Lightbulb

What does this mean?
1) Reduce the need for rare-metals and alloys = less mining for the raw-materials = greener planet.
2) Produce more complex devices that are smaller and produces less heat.
3) Grow Graphene using greener methods = less harm to the environment
4) High-Performance Computing (HPC) at a nano scale – computers that can process much-much more data in shorter time = better forecasting for things like weather, green-house effects, etc and more profits for businesses worldwide!!!

Greener Healthier Planet that’s more Profitable than ever before!!!

Welcome to the “Age of Light”!!!

If you find this article important, please share it with others!

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Ingenious Idea : Whitelines + iPhone = Great Wireframing/Design Tool

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on October 25, 2012

I’m an Android user and today I’m wishing I owned a iPhone or iPad after seeing this idea…

It’s called Whitelines.

To create a printable paper that uses “white-lines” instead of the usual “solid-black/blue lines” and to take it a step further to add some scan marks such that a iPhone can take a digital picture of your notes and make it available online. The possibilities are endless.

Here how the process works:

  1. Download/Purchase and/or Print Whitelines template using your laser printer.
  2. Take your notes or draw or sketch using the Whitelines paper.
  3. Using the Whitelines iPhone App (available here), point at the paper and it takes a photo.
  4. Connect with your SpringPad/Evernote/Dropbox or email to share and upload your digital versions of your notes.

Quite ingenious! Can’t wait for a similar app on the Android marketplace.

Unfortunately Whitelines (UK Company) at this present time only offers downloadable print paper sizes that are A4 or A5 standard and no US Paper Standards like US-Legal and US-Letter.

Anyone interested in starting a company in the USA to offer the US-Letter and US-Legal paper sizes??? Contact me. I would love to partner up to do this. :-)

Useful Links:!/danielegold/explore/whitelineslink/blocks/_video/howtocaptureyournote

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