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Yes, I sent an email to Harry’s Shave Club today! Being close to technology is a blessing and a curse sometimes. You start seeing ways to improve the user experience in everything you touch and you feel compelled to make the world a better place. So “yes” - you’ve heard it. I am a member of Harry’s Shave Club.

I got tired of buying those expensive store brand razors that starts with a “G”. So I’ve tried both the DollarShaveClub and Harry’s. I’ve settled on Harry’s Shave Club. But that’s not the focus of this article. So today, as I was shaving this morning, it occurred to me that Harry’s can improve their customer experience by adding new functionality to their site and so as soon as I got out of the shower, I dashed to my computer before the idea skipped my mind and sat down to write this email to Harry’s. I’m hoping that they see the value in adding this functionality to their website. I’m furthering my request for this feature by blogging about it. So let’s hope that it reaches someone’s ear at Harry’s and they see the value in my suggestion and they implement my request for helping Harry’s customers with a better user-experience.

So here we go with the email:

To: Subject: Suggestion on functionality that can enrich the Harry's experience Hello: I am one of your current customers on a shave plan and also happened to be an Web Enterprise Architect. I wanted to provide feedback on one of the things I've noticed. Comparing Harry's with other shave-clubs. You send more blades in one mail-order than others. And it would be ideal if you had an option online where I can login into your site and add an alert/reminder with a set frequency so that I get an email remainder to switch my razor-blade. For example, if I setup a reminder email from Harry's to remind me to swap out my blades once every 10-days. On the 10th day, I get an email saying - "This is a friendly reminder from Harry's that it's time to swap out your razor-blade on your next shave. If you wish to change the frequency or disable this reminder, you can do that under your profile in Harry's. We at Harry's believe in making sure you have the best shave each and every day." This way, when I see that email and the next day I am in the shower, I will swap out to a new blade. So today I keep using a blade until I actually see it becoming dull. And with your shipping frequency, after a few months I end up with boxes and boxes of refills which I do not know what to do with and most likely, I will then be forced to stop shipment on new refills until I run out of them. But by using my above process, you are helping each user swap out their blades on a regular "habit-forming" cycle and you are making sure that your customers are not stopping/pausing the shipping cycle and most important of all, each of those emails can now have an added value for an opportunity for marketing. Cheers Venkatt Guhesan
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