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I’m an Android user and today I’m wishing I owned a iPhone or iPad after seeing this idea…

It’s called Whitelines.

To create a printable paper that uses “white-lines” instead of the usual “solid-black/blue lines” and to take it a step further to add some scan marks such that a iPhone can take a digital picture of your notes and make it available online. The possibilities are endless.

Here how the process works:

  1. Download/Purchase and/or Print Whitelines template using your laser printer.

  2. Take your notes or draw or sketch using the Whitelines paper.

  3. Using the Whitelines iPhone App (available here), point at the paper and it takes a photo.

  4. Connect with your SpringPad/Evernote/Dropbox or email to share and upload your digital versions of your notes.

Quite ingenious! Can’t wait for a similar app on the Android marketplace.

Con: Unfortunately Whitelines (UK Company) at this present time only offers downloadable print paper sizes that are A4 or A5 standard and no US Paper Standards like US-Legal and US-Letter.

Idea: Anyone interested in starting a company in the USA to offer the US-Letter and US-Legal paper sizes??? Contact me. I would love to partner up to do this. :-)

Useful Links:!/danielegold/explore/whitelineslink/blocks/_video/howtocaptureyournote

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