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Grails 2.3.5 – grails stop-app – does not stop the app running via run-app

Posted by Venkatt Guhesan on February 2, 2014

If you’re using Grails 2.3.X and you’re developing, most likely you’re running your app like this:

grails run-app
#in one command-prompt/shell-terminal and
grails stop-app
#in another command-prompt/shell-terminal

With the latest version of Grails (version 2.3.5), the stop-app say:

grails stop-app
| Server Stopped
# But nothing happens and the server-process continues to run#

Here’s an undocumented fix that can come in handy:

# On terminal/command-prompt #1
# Run the way you do today
grails run-app
# On terminal/command-prompt #2, change-directory (cd) to the root folder where you have your Grails project
# Create a file with a file-name ".kill-run-app"
# For Linux (*Nix) environments
touch .kill-run-app
# For Windows where you do not have 'touch' command do the following instead
echo hello > .kill-run-app
# Wait for a few seconds and Grails will kill the app that's running

Now you can resume with starting a new instance of “grails run-app”.

Cheers & Happy Coding!


One Response to “Grails 2.3.5 – grails stop-app – does not stop the app running via run-app”

  1. Volodymyr said

    That’s pretty awesome 🙂
    How did you find such “feature”?

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