Waterproofing Blink Camera Sync Module for outdoors

I had a requirement where I had WiFi signal across a large farm/garden and I needed to place the Blink camera in various locations. And since the schedule is controlled by the Blink Sync Module, I had to create multiple zones each with it’s own Blink Sync module to define an independent schedule for a set of cameras for that zone. This meant that each of my Blink Sync modules needed to be accessible in those zones across the farm.

Water-Proof the Blink Sync module such that it can be powered at each location locally.

I searched (on Amazon and in other places) for a mount that is water-tight such as the Blink Camera’s but I was running out of options. And so I decided to retrofit my own design. And here it is:


  • Polycase (SL-64FMBT) …… x 1
  • Velcro… to suit your needs
  • 3/8 inch metallic push in connector …….. x 1 (optional)
  • Silicone Sealant Tube ………………………… x 1


  1. You can secure the Blink Sync module inside the Polycase using the velcro.
  2. Drill a hole to run the USB wire through the 3/8 inch metallic push in connector.
  3. Seal the usb cable and push in connector using the silicone sealant. Recommend that you poke the hole at the bottom so the water collected (via moisture) has a way to drain.
  4. Plug your other end of the USB cable into a water proof enclosure for power.
  5. Drill two holes to mount the Polycase enclosure in a suitable area.

More finished pictures coming up soon.

If you have your own versions on how you have water-proofed your Blink Sync module, share them here on this wiki.