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This past weekend when Ellicott City was hit with the worst storm in over hundred years, we ended up camping out in Rocky Gap State Park. Last year when we were out camping it rained a little and I had no tarp below my tent. So as soon as I got home last season, I ordered a tarp and had it ready this time. But some lessons are learned the hard way.

Lesson Learned: Make sure your tarp’s edges are well within the tent’s boundary.

In my case, my tarp was oversized and I had an extra two to three feet all around my tent. And with the worst storm in a while, the border that sticks out collects all the water and the tent in the middle becomes a sponge. Soon enough, we had moisture build up in the tent that we can see a puddle building up inside the tent. I guess you live and learn these lessons.

Here are some of the pictures from the camp:



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