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Everytime my Volvo S60 goes for a service, I end up spending a few hours each time strugging with various instructions provided online on how to reset the “Service Reminder Message”. So to put an end to this, I’ve decided to add the instructions in a blog. Hopefully these instructions will be helpful others that may be in the same situation.

Let’s hope that the Google Search will index my site and help you find this page when needed.

NOTE: Please note that this will not reset any faults on the Volvo. This procedure only resets the regular service reminder that says “Time for regular service”.


  1. Turn ignition key to position I.
  2. Ensure that the odometer is set to “T1” position
  3. Press and hold trip odometer reset button and wait until odometer goes to zero.
  4. Turn ignition key to run position II (not the start position)
  5. Wait until service light begins blinking and the original mileage returns to the screen.
  6. Release Trip Odometer button
  7. Turn ignition to off position (you should do this quickly)


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