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tl;dr Understanding how we got here and the problem that it solves will help understand what Microservices is all about.

Understanding Microservices

A few months back, I gave a presentation at Leidos Cloud User Group on the topic of “Understanding Microservices”. To my astonishment, we had about 123 folks that attended the presentation. I felt that it’s best that I share this knowledge with the world. I have also created a short (and sweet) implementation of Microservices using JavaScript Cote.js library.

Understanding Microservices

Let’s get to it:


Bitbucket - Understanding Microservices

I will try to record a video-blog soon on the slide-deck so that you can follow along with the slide-deck.

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Now for Today’s Inspiration:

Three Steps In Cultivating Willpower:

  1. Finish what you begin.
  2. Do a little bit more than you think you can.
  3. Do a little bit better than you think you can.


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